HTML5/jQuery Templates

Many of you had requested me to showcase some HTML5/JavaScript/jQuery Projects that implement some best practice coding and web design principles that I have been sharing with you guys. Well some of my experienced developer friends and I have shared 5 project templates that will be very useful to you. We are charging a very nominal fee for all the hard work. Here they are!

It's ThanksGiving! Till the 24th of November, this Web Template pack with 5 Exclusive Website Templates (check demos below), showcasing JavaScript/jQuery/HTML5 solutions and worth more than sixty dollars, will cost you only $3.99 for 5 templates. You can use these templates as many times as you want in your projects. The templates do not come with documentation but with a basic understanding of HTML5/JavaScript, you can easily modify them to suit your needs.

This pack includes:

One eBook Promotional Page +
One iPhone, iPad – App Promo Landing Page +
One HTML5/CSS/jQuery template for Events +
One HTML5/CSS/jQuery Magazine style template +
One jQuery Animated Error Page

This offer has ended. Thanks to all of you who purchased these templates. If you want to purchase this template pack at it's regular price of $9.99, drop me a mail at


Taner Kirmaz said...

Thank you for this affordable offer and sending me the templates promptly. I love all the templates.

Richard Walsh said...

Thanks for purchasing @timar :)

psp.reachable said...

I liked the 5 templates, can you me more specific on -

1. the *licensing* or any other agreement clauses. Who are the original owners.

2. In what format do I get the themes? AFAIK this is only CSS, HTML. With no backend ( i.e these are not wordpress themes). Right?

3. What about upgrades and support if any.

Thanks. :)

Richard Walsh said...

@psp.reachable - You can use them multiple times. It's the images that you need to replace.

You will get it in a .zip file with all the 5 themes containing their relevant HTML,CSS,Images and .JS where applicable

Sorry there are no upgrades at the cost I am offering them at. It's just $3.99 for 5 themes. Can't get any better than this ;) However if you need any customizations, we can work it out offline.

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